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Payment Plan for In-stock (JSK)

Regular price $100.00 CAD

This listing is for a payment plan on one of our jumperskirts. This is not a full JSK.

Please indicate which JSK you would like to put on a payment plan when you check out. As stock is limited the JSK must be in stock at the time of your "Start" purchase. 

Payment plans run for 6 months max. If you have not put money towards your payment plan for more than 60 days your payment plan will be cancelled and the original deposit will be refunded. If your full item has not been paid down by the 6 month mark your plan will be cancelled, and your money refunded.

You may not have more than 2 payment plans at a time.

You need 1 x Start Payment Plan ($100 CAD)

You need 4 x Payment Plan Continues ($50 CAD)

You need 1 x Payment Plan End ($30 + shipping) 

Estimated ship date for completed payment plans is March-April 2021. Payment plans still in-progress at that time will ship out after the payment plan has been completed.